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CUENCA, 4 April: A total of 12 inmates within the walls of Turi prison were killed during a violent riot with another 10 injured in the early hours of Sunday. Located in the city of Cuenca, the prison is said to be one of the largest correctional complexes in Ecuador.

KUCHING, 13 OKT: Seorang anggota tentera maut dipercayai menembak dirinya selepas dia dikatakan mengamuk dengan melepaskan beberapa das tembakan.

In a previous article, we highlighted Sarawak’s ever-growing cases of Methamphetamine type drugs being in constant circulation in the community along with a few mentions of the drugs side effects upon the abuse of the aforementioned substance. 

SIBU (JUNE 10): Investigations are still ongoing for the incident whereby a motorcyclist was killed while his pillion rider was seriously injured after an explosive...