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The Last Highlander of Borneo

The Last Highlander of Borneo

The Last Highlanders of Borneo is a 6 part Travel documentary series presented by actor-extreme outdoor hiker and explorer, Ian Vong based on inspiring adventures documented by Ed Stafford. Similarly, it projects “Ian”  as an explorer and hiker that accepts challenges to circumnavigate around the remote highlands of northern eastern part of Sarawak and closely following the indigenous tribes of the Orang-Ulu, particularly the Kelabit and Lun Bawang people. The adventurous voyage showcases the excitement of venturing into remote lands, meeting local minorities, savoring exotic food and attractions through numerous valleys. A new Sarawak travel documentary series to be broadcasted in 6 episodes. Follow Ian’s exploration across two remote regions of northeast of Sarawak, namely Bario and Ba’kelalan. What makes this travelogue an interesting documentary to watch for travel lovers: the series features exciting cinematic moments on how he travels within remote regions and what to expect. Moreover, enriching our knowledge on tribes culture, lifestyle and how these minority highlanders survive, living in isolation. All this to answer the troubling question; Will the diminishing highlanders disappear one day?

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Links Quality Language Player Date Added
Play Now The Last Highlanders Borneo | Episod 1 2021-06-01
Play Now The Kelabit of Bario | Episod 2 - The Last Highlanders Borneo 2021-06-02
Play Now Living in Isolation (Part 1) | Episode 3 -The Last Highlanders Borneo 2021-06-08
Play Now Living in Isolation (Part 2) | Episode 4 - The Last Highlanders Borneo 2021-06-09

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