So You Think You Can Cook

So You Think You Can Cook


The host opens with a brief introduction to Sarawak food for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and the different ethnic groups that made those dishes. The host proceed to introduce the main characters – the two contestants. The two contestants are amateur cooks. They proceed to tell a short backstory on their cooking background and experience with cooking ethnic food as well as their confidence level on cooking a mysterious dish on the show. The main characters either show confidence or self-doubt. Next, the host explains the rules on the show – the host will reveal the mystery dish to be cooked by the contestants, as well as a brief history on that said dish, and the contestants are allowed to have a closer look at the dish. They can smell and taste the dish. The main characters will take this matter very seriously because the dish will be taken away afterwards. They are given 5 minutes to gather ingredients from the ingredients section individually using a basket without looking at each other’s inventory. They also need to explain why they pick the ingredients, because they’ve tasted or smelled the ingredients from sampling the mystery dish. After the time is up, they are not allowed to put any more ingredients into their baskets and goes back to their cooking station. They are not allowed to collect more ingredients and have to work with what they have. The contestants’ cooking station are beside each other. After the host starts the countdown, they have 30mins to 1 hour to prepare the dish. During the cook off, if they missed an ingredient, they can request the ingredient(s) from the other contestant. That contestant can choose to ignore that request or provide it. The host will continue to remind them of the clock after half the time has passed. The host will again announce the final 10mins, 5mins, 3 mins, 2mins and 1min, followed by a 10 seconds countdown to 1. The host then announce an official stoppage cooking time and both contestants have to get their hands off their respective dishes. The contestants will stand together beside one another to stand in front of the host. The host introduces a guest judge to also taste the food together and judge according to taste, display, and if the dish is edible. The host will briefly introduce the backstory of the judge – his cooking experience on the certain ethnic dish he is about to taste. The dishes prepared by the contestants will be placed in front of the host and the judge one by one and the contestants will explain the way they prepared the dish. The host and the judge will take turn to first taste the food, then comment on the dish. The host and the judge will then give a mark of 1 to 5 stars for taste, display and edibility. The winner is announced shortly after and awarded a prize. The winner, loser, and the host will then give their comments on what they did right, what they did wrong, and what they wished they could change if they could during the competition. And also, their final remarks on what they will take away from this experience cooking at this tv show.

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