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Hustle Hasil akan memaparkan kepada anda para usahawan daripada Sarawak yang telah berjaya. Rancangan ini akan membawa anda ke tempat mereka dan menyelami kisah serta lika-liku kehidupan mereka yang bermula daripada bawah di dalam pelbagai jenis perniagaan. Bersama pengacara kami, Noorul Ismail akan mengupas cerita disebalik kejayaan mereka seperti perjalanan dan kepayahan yang ditempuhi oleh mereka. Tidak lupa juga saranan dan kata-kata semangat bagi mereka yang ingin memulakan sesuatu perniagaan.

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Get to know the culture, heritage and people with OKSHe (pronounced O-Kay-Shee). But what is OKSHe you ask? Also known as Old Kuching Smart Heritage, it is an initiative to introduce and tell the story of Kuching’s famous landmarks, and the local’s favourite place to chill and dine.

hainan coffee

These collections of six documentaries aim to tell the tales of Borneo emphasising on its culture, history, tradition and environment. In hopes to hand the valuable knowledge to the next generation, the shooting will display the magnificence of the land called Borneo. 

Lensa Kenyalang memaparkan estetika fotografi yang boleh dilihat melalui lensa pencipta. Setiap jurugambar diminta untuk memotret lokasi warisan di sekitar bandaraya Kuching dan akan berkongsi tips fotografi.

Citra Warisan

Highlighting the various traditional musical instruments of Sarawak from the perspective of both traditional and contemporary ethnic musicians. Each episode features different musical instruments such as Belikan, Taboh, Gendang, Jatung Utang, Tapi’, Pratuong, and Sape.

Cooking is a necessity in our daily life, and it is important for everyone to have their tummy filled before the day starts, The Magic Box highlights meal can be prepared in 15 minutes together with the host, Khaty Omar, along with exciting guest hosts, bringing viewers to experience recipes, methods, and tips using only The Magic Box!

Water is essential to life. To a handful, it is for business. For others, it’s what’s for dinner that night. Rezeki Air follows a day in the life of 12 Sarawakians who depend on rivers and seas for their livelihood. Hear their stories as they catch unique seafood around the Sarawak region.

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