Aida Muliyono

News Anchor, Utama

In the realm of accomplishments and aspirations, the name Nur Suhaida Muliyono, affectionately known as Aida Muliyono, graces the stage. Armed with a degree in Administrative Science and Policy Studies, her academic journey became a launchpad into the captivating world of media, a realm she stepped into in 2020. As a news anchor and reporter, she becomes the embodiment of passion, courage, and approachability, seamlessly weaving her talents into the tapestry of media narratives.

Her spirit knows no bounds; she thrives on the thrill of the extreme and embraces challenges with unwavering resolve. Aida Muliyono’s heart finds resonance in crafting reports that unfold the stories of uniformed bodies, a testament to her commitment to shedding light on the unsung heroes that populate our society.

TVS, a vibrant canvas of media expression, welcomed Aida Muliyono as her maiden voyage into the industry, marking her first steps into the world of broadcasting. Her charismatic presence on screen is matched only by her affection for Mickey Mouse, a whimsical affection that adds a touch of delight to her persona.

Among the laurels that adorn her journey is the Grit Award presented by the esteemed Sarawak Media Group—an accolade that amplifies her dedication and diligence.

Beyond the spotlight, Aida Muliyono embraces a medley of interests that enrich her identity. Her vocal prowess shines while anchoring, but the karaoke stage unveils a different facet of her vocal journey. In an ode to her fearless spirit, she relishes the thrill of riding big bikes, though her pace has shifted since embracing the cherished role of ‘A Mother of One.’

Aida Muliyono’s life philosophy is encapsulated in her resounding mantra:

“Go Big or Go Home :)”