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26 dead, dozens hospitalised in China building fire

ByLorenzo Isaac Ak Anthony

BEIJING, Nov 16: At least 26 people have died after a fire tore through an office building in northern China, state media report.

The fire at the four-storey building in Luliang City, Shanxi province broke out at around 07:00 local time on Thursday (23:00 GMT Wednesday).

Citing a broacaster CCTV, 63 individuals were transported to the hospital among those evacuated from the Yongju Coal Industry Joint Building.

“Rescue operations are ongoing, and an investigation into the cause of the fire is underway,” the report said.

In a subsequent update, it was mentioned that the fire has now been successfully brought under control.

Video posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo by the state-run Beijing Youth Daily showed flames and thick smoke coming out of the building.

The blaze broke out in a province that is the country’s largest producer of coal.

Industrial accidents, which can result in fires, often occur in China due to lax enforcement of safety standards.

In April, 29 people died in a hospital fire in the capital of Beijing, sparking public anger as many questioned the lack of reporting on the incident and why the relatives of patients were not informed earlier.

Last October, an explosion at a barbecue restaurant in the north-western Yinchuan province killed 31 people. -TVS

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