Pesuruhjaya Polis Sarawak, Datuk Mancha Anak Ata Foto: Aziz Soleh (TVS)

Sarawak Police Crack Down on Foreign-Run Online Gambling Call Centres, 26 Arrested

ByCheryl Syahmina Toh

KUCHING, Nov 14: Sarawak police have arrested 26 foreigners including three women believed to be engaged in operating online gambling call centres in a series of raids conducted in Kuching, last week.

Sarawak Commissioner of Police Dato’ Mancha Ata, said the initial raid took place on November 7 at a condominium in Lorong Dogan 3, leading to the arrest of nine individuals.

Subsequently, the second and third raids transpired on November 8 at a condominium in Sunny Hill Garden, resulting in the apprehension of 17 individuals.

“Early investigations showed that the calling centres were operating 24 hours in shifts in the past one year three months.

“Based on their transaction records, the centre reportedly raked profits of RM240,000 while the operators’ salaries ranged from RM1,200 to RM 1,600 a month,” he told this to reporters at a press conference at the Sarawak Police Contingent Headquarters on Tuesday.

All suspects, detained under the Immigration Act for 14 days, items like computers and smartphones used for operating the alleged syndicate were confiscated.

The police are actively pursuing the actual owner of the premises, and additional measures will be taken against operators engaged in illegal gambling syndicates.

“Strict actions will be taken against individuals who operate these online gambling syndicates, in efforts to combat illegal gambling in Sarawak contingent,” stressed Mancha. -TVS

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