Manu Bhalla met by T VS reporter at Sarawak’s Biodiversity Centre (SBC) here, today. Pix: Lorenzo Isaac (TVS)

United States eager to partner with Sarawak on renewable energy innovations

ByLorenzo Isaac Ak Anthony

KUCHING, September 19: The United States of America has displayed a notable demonstration of support for Sarawak’s resolute commitment to address the pressing issue of climate change through the implementation of renewable energy initiatives.

US Embassy Chargé D’affaires Manu Bhalla praised Sarswak’s dedication to renewable energy, highlighting hydrogen, carbon capture storage, and algae production as crucial focus areas.

He also conveyed eagerness to participate in collaborative endeavours aimed at advancing these sustainable practice, and support Sarawak and Malaysia in these areas.

“We want to help Sarawak and Malaysia as a whole in all those areas. We have many US companies who are engaged in carbon capture and utilization projects, and we certainly want to see their expertise applied here.

“Prominent American companies such as Exxon Mobil, Conoco Phillips, and Hess are already active in offshore oil and gas drilling in Sarawak. Some of these companies possess expertise in carbon capture and storage, which could prove invaluable in Sarawak’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions,” he told this when met by TVS reporter at Sarawak’s Biodiversity Centre (SBC) here, today.

Explaining further, he also expressed enthusiasm for Sarawak’s significant use of hydropower in its energy and power generation sectors, calling it a positive development.

In a nod to Sarawak’s pursuit of hydrogen as a new green fuel source, Manu mentioned that American companies would explore opportunities to contribute to these efforts.

“Here we have American companies. We’ll be looking at seeing if they might be able to play a supporting role as well.

“Climate change is something we are very excited about working with Malaysia and with the state of Sarawak to continue our joint efforts to combat this global challenge,” he added. – TVS

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