CARiNG, JOM Pharmacies join forces to create a stronger future in pharmaceutical

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KUCHING, May 19: Two prominent players in the pharmaceutical industry, CARiNG Pharmacy and JOM Pharmacy announced their merger in creating a powerful and innovative force in the healthcare sector.

CARiNG Pharmacy’s Managing Director, Chong Yeow Siang said the strategic partnership aims to leverage on their expertise, resources, and networks to enhance patient care, expand services, and drive advancements in the rapidly evolving field of pharmacy.

Prioritising health imperative for a happier society

“Our mission is quite similar and that is to provide professional, accessible and affordable pharmacy care to the community itself.

“We believe that by joining hands, we can provide better value and impact to the community,” he said when asked by reporters during the launch of “Karnival Hari #Caring Kesihatan’ at Vivacity Megamall on Friday.

Chong further added that the merger is set to become one of the largest pharmacy chains and poised to serve a larger customer base providing increased convenience and accessibility to patients in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

“Our mission is to take the pharmacy care service to another level so with the opportunity to work with JOM Pharmacy, we hope we are able to raise the standard in Sarawak and provide better, professional, affordable and high quality pharmacy care.

“This is our mission and we also wish to expand further outside of Kuching as we now own 13 outlets in Kuching,” he added.

As such, he reiterated that the merger represents a significant development in the pharmaceutical industry, poised to reshape the delivery of healthcare services, enhance patient experiences, and drive future innovations. – TVS

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