Engineering Future Careers with STEM & TVET

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KUCHING, May 11: Sarawak is dedicated to nurturing a generation of students who envision a prosperous future as engineers, technologists, and technicians, ultimately becoming leaders at the forefront of the state’s economic development and technological advancement.

These aspirations were highlighted by renowned professional engineer and mechanical engineering professor at the University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), Professor Dr. Andrew Ragai Henry Rigit.

“We believe that by working together, we can establish a robust ecosystem that supports the development and nurturing of technologists in Sarawak.

“Collaboration among institutions such as Association of Professional Technicians and Technologists (APTT), Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT), The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) and institutions of higher learning such UNIMAS, Swinburne, University Technology Sarawak (UTS), i-CATS University College and Centre for Technology Excellence (CENTEX) Sarawak is pivotal in achieving our goal,” he said when contacted by TVS here, today.

Andrew pointed out the significant role of accreditation in this endeavour, emphasising the importance of the MBOT in recognising and validating the expertise of technologists and technicians in their respective fields.

“By ensuring that UNIMAS and Swinburne offer MBOT-accredited courses, we provide students with a clear path to professional recognition,” he added.

Furthermore, Andrew stressed the need for a comprehensive curriculum that equips students with the skills, knowledge, and attitude required by the industry. To prepare students as competent professionals, it is crucial to incorporate relevant competency courses into the curriculum.

In addressing the decline in students’ interest in STEM and TVET-related subjects, Andrew underscored the importance of collaborative efforts.

“To generate interest in these subjects, schools, community leaders, and NGOs must collaborate and take the lead.

“Partnerships with state agencies such as Yayasan Sarawak and MEITD are instrumental in driving this initiative forward,” he noted.

Expressing his vision for the future, Andrew emphasised the state’s aspiration for students to view careers in engineering, technology, and related fields as rewarding and promising.

“By nurturing their interest in STEM and TVET-related subjects, we are paving the way for them to become future leaders who will drive Sarawak’s economic development and technological advancement,” he said. -TVS

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