Excellent project delivery reflects region’s reputation – Uggah

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KUCHING, Feb 8: All ongoing projects to provide reliable infrastructure for the rural and urban areas will not be neglected and must be executed prudently.

Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas calls upon the relevant parties to play an active role in managing projects as successful project implementation reflect the region’s image and reputation.

He added coupled with the RM50 million allocation entrusted to the State Public Works Department (JKR) on the implementation of Federal projects, this would enable Sarawak to achieve steady economic growth through proper management and execution.

As such, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development has identified several catalytic initiatives to support economic sectors through the seminar on “New Initiatives to Enhance Sarawak’s Construction Industry”.

While, acknowledging that infrastructures such as schools and medical facilities are crucial for the people to carry out their daily activities.

Uggah expressed confidence that penetrating insights and pointed anecdotes garnered during the seminar will reveal a holistic and explicit pathway for effective project management and implementation.

In addition, this will also enable industry players to adapt to emerging trends as well as have the power and wisdom to take advantage of the opportunities that these changes create.

“Through this seminar, we hope for a new beginning as the Federal government has entrusted the region with RM50 million for the implementation of Federal projects.

“This is crucial as we must ensure that everything is done according to the time frame given in addition to ensuring a high quality project,” he said in his speech during the closing ceremony of the seminar at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) today.

Elaborating, Uggah said this move aims to ensure a higher allocation to the region as Sarawak possess the capability to complete any projects. -TVS

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