Improving Healthcare in Rural Areas

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KUCHING, Nov 25: Tebedu Assemblyman Dr Simon Sinang Bada urged the federal government to look into upgrading the Tebedu clinic to ensure the delivery of quality health services.

“Tebedu Clinic is in a dilapidated state.

“And is in need to be upgraded with modern equipment and facilities so that the people can receive quality healthcare services,” he said this during the 19th State Legislative Assembly (DUN) Sitting here today.

He added that this effort is in line with the government’s initiatives under the Strategic Thrust in strengthening the social welfare and social well being of the people.

In another development, Simon said a total of 11 new MCMC Jendela Projects will be implemented at 11 sites with nine villages as its beneficiaries this includes, a school and the Tebedu Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and Security (ICQS) Complex.

The areas are namely SK parun Suan, Kampung Kuhom Mandeg, Kampung Tepoi, Kpg Sejijag, Kpg Krusen Mawang, Kampung Payau Burus, Kampung Lobang Batu Mawang, Kampung Gahat Mawang, Kampung Daha Seroban, Kampung Taee 2 and ICQS Tebedu.

The projects are set to be executed by major telco companies and VALSA (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd.

As such, Simon expressed his gratitude to the government on behalf of his constituency in hope that more projects will be implemented in a bid to achieve a robust platform for 4G coverage thus, boosting digital connectivity nationwide. – TVS

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