Appeal Letter to Sarawak voters

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MY beloved fellow Sarawakians,

Tomorrow, November 19, 2022 we will make a critical choice. Sarawak’s bright and glorious future lies in our hands. Only a big win by GPS can ensure a strong voice in Parliament that will enable us to secure, protect and restore Sarawak’s rights. GPS is not only sincere in its struggle but it also understands the people’s needs and aspirations.

The GPS government has successfully implemented 120 initiatives, including assistance packages to lighten the people’s burden during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our priority was to tackle the biggest crisis that confronted us and save ourselves in terms of health, economy and employment. The people are always close to our heart. The GPS government will continue to care and provide for the wellbeing of the B40, M40, younger generation, students, workers, traders, senior citizens, the less privileged, civil servants and every Sarawakian, irrespective of race and religion. These are our pledges and commitments. We in GPS have an excellent track record and have proven our worth.

Do you still remember Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) unfair and biased treatment of Sarawak during its 22 months’ rule? PH did not care about our fate and future. PH even cancelled many projects that were meant to improve our wellbeing. Umpteen promises were also not honoured. So, remember the old adage of once bitten, twice shy. And don’t cry over spilled milk.

Once again, I plead with all my beloved fellow Sarawakians to come out in full force to vote for GPS like in the 12th State Election last year. A vote for GPS is a vote for a stable, progressive and prosperous Sarawak. Let’s all vote for GPS to guarantee our livelihood and a better future for us and our next generation. Let’s continue to love and care for Sarawak.


Abang Jo
Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) chairman


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