Do not listen to DAP’s “crying wolf” – Idris

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KUCHING, Nov 9: GPS Chairman of Publicity & Media Relations Dato Idris Buang describes Pakatan Harapan in particular DAP leaders to have no confidence in winning their parliamentary seats in Sarawak, and can be calculated as a remark of a hopeless desperado who does not trust their own self.

He said Chong Chien Jen’s statement released yesterday (Nov 8), especially on not giving GPS a strong support is a kind of instigation that insults the intelligence of Sarawak voters.

“This is clearly insulting and a manifestation of DAP and PH’s selfish mentality. Pakatan Harapan has been proven through their 22 months at the helm, to being a failed govt.

“Furthermore, Chong and his DAP lack of credibility to talk about fighting for Sarawak’s rights under MA63 has been shown. In 22 months at the helm all they did was to do a cosmetic change on the Federal Constitution as an effort “to pull a wool of Sarawakians’ eyes”.

“They had failed to fulfill their many promises. Their manifestos “bukan janji … bukan kitab suci” (not promises, not the bible) still rings the bell. They have failed to serve Sarawak when given the chance and many development projects were either delayed or canceled,” he said in rebutting Chong’s remarks.

The PBB Publicity Chief also stressed on top of all their failures, they have insulted Malaysians particularly the B40, with their laughable meagre RM30 e-Wallet as if they have no better idea.

“They even insulted Sarawak for getting bankrupt within three years, a remark had been proven wrong otherwise.

“Their overconfident and arrogant remark for insulting Sarawak now are still there to be swallowed by themselves,” he added.

Idris noted as far as GPS is concerned, the coalition respect of every single vote and appreciate a solid support from all Sarawakian voters and regard it as a signal of solidarity and oneness of purpose that GPS is the only capable and responsible party that could practicably bring the much needed progress for the people of Sarawak.

“We urge the Sarawak voters to keep their rational mind to spur GPS’s strength and confidence when participating in the Federal govt as GPS contribution in forming policies will surely suit the best interests of Sarawak and Malaysia.

“This will add vigour to an already excellent State Govt under the able premiership of Right Honourable Abang Jo, to boost Sarawak’s endeavour on the right trajectory for success.

“Do not listen to Dap’s “crying wolf” or words of insinuation and fear-mongering.

“Sarawakians should now know better who DAP was. We humbly urge all Sarawak voters to go all out to vote GPS in order to give in return what is best for Sarawak from the Federal Govt. Cheers to all,” noted Idris. -TVS

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