Sarawak lags behind in organ donor

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KUCHING, 25 Aug: A significant number of deaths due to organ failure can be prevented by timely donation and transplantation of organs.

However, Sarawak is beset by an extreme deficit of organ availability for transplants, with just 5,000 registered donors so far.

Hence, a broad-based campaign to encourage more people to donate could help.

Deputy Premier, Dato Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian said the figure is low compared to Sarawak’s population of over two million.

“In organ donation, many patients wait until they die because we don’t have enough organ donors. This is a very sad situation, but that’s the reality.

“However, if everybody starts pledging, it will save another life. If you’re willing to receive, you also must be willing to give,” he said during a press conference after officiating the state-level Organ Donation Awareness Week 2022 at Sarawak General Hospital on Thursday.

Dr Sim deemed family interference remains a drawback to this noble act.

“One of the biggest challenges in organ donation regardless of state or national level, is the refusal of the family after death, even though the deceased is a pledger,” he said.

Dr Sim also advised organ donor pledgers to inform their family members of their intention.

Additionally, Sarawak’s medical care should also be on par with its developed counterparts, as it aspires to be one by 2030.

Themed Derma Organ: Cakna Demi Kehidupan, the campaign aims to increase the sign-up rate of pledgers among Sarawakians.

At the same event, Dr Sim who is also the Minister of Public Health, Housing and Local Government also officiated SGH’s Organ Procurement Unit office.

Also present at the event were Sarawak Health Department Deputy Director Dr Azlee Ayuh and SGH Director Dr Ngian Hie Ung. – TVS

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