UN Chief warns of worsening global food crisis: Bold, coordinated responses necessary

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NEW YORK, July 19: United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday called for bold and coordinated responses to solve the ongoing global food crisis reported Xinhua.

“We face a real risk of multiple famines this year. And next year could be even worse,” Guterres warned in his video remarks to a UN General Assembly high-level special event entitled “Time to Act Together: Coordinating Policy Responses to the Global Food Crisis.”

But “we can avoid this catastrophe if we act now” and “if we act together to craft bold and coordinated policy responses”, he noted.

This means immediately reintegrating Ukraine’s food production and Russia’s food and fertiliser into world markets and keeping global trade lines open, he said.

Guterres also stressed the need to tackle the finance crisis in the developing world and to urgently unlock all possible resources to enhance social protection and support smallholder and family farmers to increase productivity and self-reliance.

“And it means transforming food systems at every level — to put affordable, healthy and sustainable diets within reach of every person everywhere,” he added. -TVS

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