Green energy policy makes Sarawak an attractive investment destination

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KUCHING, June 14 : Sarawak’s government policy in promoting green energy and technology has made the state an attractive investment destination for investors.

Chargé d’affaires of the United States Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Michael Newbill said the embassy is working together with American companies that are interested to explore what Sarawak can offer.

He said at the moment there are already a numbers of American companies in Sarawak and they have been in the state for decades.

“They’ve (American companies) been here (in Sarawak) for decades especially in the oil and gas industry from upstream to downstream in addition to hospitality and tourism industry.

“We are now working together with American companies that are interested in this area (green energy and technology) to explore what Sarawak can offer and what we can contribute,” he told a press conference  after the launch of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders (YSEALI) Regional Workshop on Enhancing Digital Connectivity For All, here today.

Organised by the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, in collaboration with the Sarawak Digital Economic Corporation (SDEC) and the Centre for Governance and Political Studies (Cent GPS), the programme aims to foster conversations and collaborations among ASEAN and Timor-Leste young leaders to tackle digital connectivity challenges.

Meanwhile, Sarawak’s Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Sustainability, Dr Hazland Abang Hipni said Sarawak is known for having a natural green technological set up as it is covered with forest, rivers, rains and sunlight to generate solar energy.

“In the current issue of climate change whereby the whole world is working towards the agenda of reducing carbon emission and decarbonisation, Sarawak is blessed with this requirement naturally.

“Whatever industrial products produced by Sarawak are deemed as green products because our sources of energy is from a green source which is hydropower and solar,” he added. –TVS

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