France’s economy to grow further in 2022 despite global challenges

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PARIS, June 7 : France’s Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire expects the country’s economy to have positive growth despite factors such as the Ukraine-Russia conflict and inflations.

Even so, he will be conducting another economic revision beginning July, to have further insights and predictions on the country’s economy for the rest of 2022.

“On that, I will review the figures, because it was at 4 percent, and of course with the war in Ukraine and inflation, all that will change our outlook, but we will have positive growth in 2022.”

“The hardest part was in front of us, and the hardest part is here. It’s hard for our fellow citizens that are listening to us, and we can summarise it in one word: inflation. The increase in food and energy prices, that’s a burden for our fellow citizens’ daily lives, and so that’s the absolute emergency – continue to protect against inflation,” he said during an interview.

Emmanuel Macron who was recently appointed as the french president was faced with pressures to shield consumers against soaring inflation and energy prices as the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, coupled with supply chain snags have sent the cost of living to rise sharply.

On Sunday, Le Maire disclosed that France are negotiating with the United Arab Emirates to replace Russian oil purchases. – TVS

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