Level 2 Autonomous Rapid Transit (ART) for Kuching

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KUCHING, May 24: Autonomous driving is no longer a distant vision of the future.

Thus, Autonomous Rapid Transit (ART) system operating in mixed traffic will be established in the forseeable future in Kuching.

According to State Transport Minister, Dato Sri Lee Kim Shin, there are six levels autonomous driving based on the definition by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J3016 Standard.

Based on the definition, Level Zero refers to no automation while Level Five is full automation, where the vehicle can drive in all situations without any human intervention.

“In the context of Autonomous Rapid Transit for Kuching City, we will be operating at Level 2 which is partial automation where vehicles can take control of both the vehicle speed and lane centering,” he told the August House today in the afternoon session of Day 6 of the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting on Tuesday.

He rubbished the claims by the opposition that there was no downgrading of the autonomous system.

“It is made clear that this ART will have a driver to ensure its smooth operation and safety,” he further stated.

This comes after the opposition debated over the abbreviation of the ART, as to whether it is autonomous or automated.- TVS

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