Are students ready to go back to University?

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Despite the change of Ministers in August, the Higher Education Ministry has said that it will proceed to allow students of higher learning institutions to return to campus for the 2021/2022 academic sessions through its IPT recovery plan.

As the country is leaving its precarious pandemic stage, the month of October marks the reopening of higher learning institutions throughout the country. However, parents and students alike have scepticism as the number of Covid-19 cases continues to surge and plummet in unpredictable circumstances. 

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) is one of many universities within the state that have geared up on its mandatory management and precautionary steps for students to comply with upon their return. Students of the university will return to campus in seven phases, which starts from Oct 2 till the end of Nov 11. The university’s resident colleges is said to be able to welcome 3,500 to which 905 students have since resided the vicinity as of last week.

Residential management officers of the Unimas campus.

Other institutions have yet to announce their reopening for the intake of students but one thing is assured, reactions differ from everyone. Below are the opinions of students towards the resume of physical classes.


“I’m kinda happy that we’re allowed to go back to be honest with you. Being cooped up at home and looking at the screen for online classes has not been well for me. Of course there’s a risk but I’m willing to face it all before I go mad.”

Linda (Studying in KL):

“We haven’t got a letter from board yet but I’m hopeful that we’re able to have physical classes back now. I’ve spent semesters not knowing my classmates because everyone just shuts their camera when the lecturer is presenting. I’ve gotten my two doses so I think it’ll be fine as long as we follow the set of rules given out.”

Haziq (Studying in Perak):

“My parents are worried at the risk of it even though I have had both doses of the vaccine. They’re still sceptical, as I’ll have to fly back to campus and take a train from KLIA. I myself am not opposed to the idea but would preferably like to come back to class in a new semester and not in the middle of one.”


“Since it’s only a short drive, yeah it’ll be okay but we’ll have to see what rules the institutions have been added to prevent a new cluster for appearing up within the area. However, it’s like mid semester for me so I’m having second thoughts as we’ve already had virtual material set up and I don’t know if they’ll be different once we’re in class.”

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