A Walk Down Memory Lane with Sarawak Laksa Keropok

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SARAWAK’s iconic LEE FAH MEE prawn noodle snack is perhaps something that can never be torn away from everyone’s childhood – an after-school must-have snack. Its addictive taste and crunch in every bite would make every child crave for more. Remember how it used to be packaged back then? The trademark yellow packaging would consist of five smaller packs and a free sticker to boot, much to the delight of many children.

Source: Lee Fah Mee website

Riding on the product’s success, the development of other various snacks started taking place. An example is the “Sarawak Laksa Keropok” that became viral on Facebook. It brought Malaysia by storm with its familiar flavours, with hints of spiciness and savouriness you would get in a bowl of Laksa Sarawak.

Their well-known dried noodles which is now deemed a necessity in every household. Since decades ago, LEE FAH Dried Noodles has always been a staple for many to make various noodle dishes according to their own signature recipes. Makes cooking easier especially for big family gatherings or just for a table of three.

Currently on its third generation, managing director of LEE FAH MEE Sdn Bhd, Derrick Chai joined the family business a few years ago. Though his expertise before joining LEE FAH MEE was in machinery, he was determined to learn about food production. Derrick Chai was also the genius behind the creation of the Sarawak Laksa Keropok. It was an accidental success that his family and colleagues loved so much and was quickly commercialised before Chinese New Year holidays in the year 2019.

Source: Lee Fah Mee website

Starting off as a trading company in the 1950s, LEE FAH transitioned to a traditional dried noodle production after discussions between Derrick’s father and uncles in 1970. Humbly beginning as a small noodle production where everything needs to be done manually and a lot of manpower is needed. Today, LEE FAH MEE Sdn Bhd has grown to a global instant and dried noodle manufacturer, exporting noodles to 8 different countries (Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, China, Canada and Papua New Guinea).

LEE FAH MEE has manufactured various instant and dried noodles and snacks fit for the local taste buds. With its consistent quality and nostalgic flavours of home, it is easy to prepare soul food from the kitchen for everyone to enjoy. Especially with its new release of the Sarawakian style Assam Laksa Cup Noodle that is now available in stores and GrabMart for easy purchasing.

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Source: Lee Fah Mee Facebook page

Due to its global achievement as well, a lot of their products are also easy to find on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada and even Ebay. So, if you are missing the taste of home or just a foodie who is interested to try complex flavours it is just a click away from experiencing a wonderful meal.

Get inspired and stay tuned with Brand Pulse’s upcoming episode featuring managing director of LEE FAH MEE Sdn Bhd, Derrick Chai and Sales Coordinator, Chin Siew, who will be sharing with us more on the journey of LEE FAH MEE, this Sunday, 11th July 2021, at 9:30 PM, only on TVS channel 122, Astro & MYTV. You can also watch the episode repeat airing Thursday and on TVS YouTube channel.

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