Skeptical At First But Now Wowed by TVSTARZ

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WHEN I was tasked to write about TV Sarawak-produced TVSTARZ, I was highly apprehensive and anxious as it was something totally foreign to me.

You see, I have just arrived in Kuching from Penang to work at the TV station the previous week and had no idea before that was TVSTARZ was all about.

To be honest, I was even a bit skeptical about the format and concept of the reality TV show  which is broadcast live online.

Due to the restrictions in view of the current COVID19 situation, the whole show is done virtually, with the contestants singing from home and judged by professional juries online.

One of TVSTARZ contestants being judged by the juries online via Streamyard during the “concert” last night.

Until I watched it last night and it totally changed my mind. I was amazed at how this managed to be done and the first concert managed to pull through. It was an excellent job! How anyone could come up with such a creative and unique idea is beyond me! I was fairly surprised.

I actually sat in the kitchen of my rented home here and watched the whole concert and thoroughly enjoyed it, not realising that I had finished a whole packet of “kuaci”!

In actual fact, there was no stage, no audience but the production team did a wonderful job in orchestrating the whole gig as though the whole thing took place in a hall with audience!

So now that I have managed to grasp the concept of the show, I understand that there are six contestants; Eyqa, Valerie, Jazper, Lydbie, Shane and Jalee, all in their early 20s except for Jazper and Jalee who are 31 and 34 respectively.

They are known as The Dream Team. Each week, they will be judged by three professional juries namely award-winning singer Ernie Zakri, singing coach Yudhi Seriestha and singer Amir Jahari Dewi Seriestha acts as the vocal coach.

The one with the lowest points will be eliminated and replaced by someone else, known as The Challenger.

However, there was no elimination last night but Eyqa managed to top the chart with the highest marks.

Fair enough, I thought as it was only the first week and probably it was somewhat of a trial week.

All the contestants hail from Sarawak but are from different ethnic groups and backgrounds.  Some never completed their education and a few went to college and university. 

They each have unique vocal ranges and characters.

What a breath of fresh air, I thought to myself. Something really different from the mundane, run-of-the-mill reality TV shows.

I will definitely tune in again next Tuesday at 8.30pm for the second  concert.. Not because I have to write about it but because now I really want to know more! 

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  1. I would like to request from TV Sarawak to highlight the living peoples of Rajah Brooke army living in deep jungle of sarawak.

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